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If you are interested or have any questions on either ordering our product as a RETAILER or for a nice addition to your ICE RINK please read through the information below. If you still need more help or information please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.


If you are interested in carrying BABY SKATES in your store, you have just made a great decision. BABY SKATES will increase both your bottom line and the overflow of customers who are requesting our items at retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

As a retailer, BABY SKATES can provide you with all types of marketing materials. Our BABY SKATES and very cute, eye-catching packaging is all set and ready to go.

Depending on the size of your order and location, we can even give you an exclusive area as a BABY SKATES selected Dealer. Now is the time to join our very happy group of retailers and dealers.

For more information please contact us by phone at: 330-491-1976 or .


Just what your rink needs, new customers coming throughout the year on a regular basis. You would now have an item to offer customers and families that can involve the entire family in a fun activity. People can now take their special little ones out on the ice.

Our BABY SKATES Rental Fleet is available in great colors that are very easy to identify. They never need any sharpening or maintenance. BABY SKATES are available in whole sizes only so they don?t take much room in your inventory. We also provide a special RENTAL FLEET WARRANTY on each and every pair for (1) year.

The bottom line is more customers, new customers, and increasing your overall bottom line! Remember, with BABY SKATES, new little ice skaters are learning a new sport at a much earlier age and using your ice rink. They will be growing with you and your ice rink. You are assisting in the development and growth of not only a little ice skater but a new customer.

Let us know what you need and when you need it and we will help you increase traffic!

For more information please contact us by phone at 330-491-1976 or .

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